Technical Ceramics. Cemented Carbides. Composite Materials

VIRIAL products by application

Power engineering industry produces and services industrial machinery and equipment for generation and transfer of electrical power.

Metal machining is a complex processing stage aimed at changing the shape and size of metal parts; parts are given the required shape by one or more processing methods.

Mining industry is one of the most important primary sectors that encompasses extraction, processing and enrichment of mineral materials — fossil fuels, ores, as well as raw materials for chemical and construction industries. Metallurgy is a complex system of industries for production and enrichment of metal ores, melting and production of metals.

Transport engineering is a large and diverse group of vehicle engineering industries that includes automotive and aircraft industries, shipbuilding, production of rolling stock for railroads, as well as motorbikes and bicycles. Marine engineering is a branch of heavy industry engaged in vessel construction.

General engineering includes broad range of applied research services, such as pre-construction feasibility and planned capital investment studies, laboratory and pilot-scale adaptation/optimization of processes and prototypes, technology upscaling services and further consulting & services.

Instrumentation engineering is an engineering industry that designs and produces various systems for measurement, processing and presentation of data, including predominantly electronic-based fully automatic and/or automated control systems.