Technical Ceramics. Cemented Carbides. Composite Materials


         One of the major product divisions in tribological area are units and assemblies that feature a wear-resistant insert integrated into metal casing. To develop this division our company has implemented an extensive upgrade program that included, among others, procurement of the specific machinery and highly qualified personnel. Currently the company has a broad range of the universal CNC-controlled turning, milling and grinding machines, as well as precision wire-EDM equipment.
         In addition to the state-of-the art production machinery, VIRIAL also has a qualified QC staff (over 35 people in several QC divisions), a metrology department and testing lab, as well as own design office and assembly workshop.
         With 20 years of our market presence we have gained a vast practical experience in machining of various materials and customized production of tailor-made fixtures. 

  • Customized design services for specific applications
  • Profile and tube cutting on band saw machines
  • Turning services on CNC-controlled lathes
  • Combined turning and milling machining services
  • Milling services
  • CNC-controlled machining

Milling (work zone dimensions, mm. 560х410х510).

Turning (work zone dimensions, mm.320х400).

Turning with driven positions(work zone dimensions, mm.

Wire-EDM (work zone dimensions, mm. 320х220х200).

  • Heat treatment services
  • Grinding and polishing services (round & flat)
  • Assembly services
  • Supply of customized fixtures