Technical Ceramics. Cemented Carbides. Composite Materials


Our current successes are based in part on our close cooperation with virtually all energy-oriented engineering companies in Russia. Geographical scope of our deliveries is rather wide, the VIRIAL brand being well known in Siberia, Ural region, Central Russia, and in the former USSR countries. The other major contribution to the company success is based on the high proficiency of our team, efficient high-tech processing technologies and broad range of our products; these factors offering capabilities for technical and economical tailoring and optimization of materials for each application. With such solid background at our disposal, VIRIAL is confident in exploring new markets and sectors, such as power and nuclear engineering, chemical and transport engineering, and various metalworking industries. We are always open for the fruitful cooperation with new partners.

Looking into the future  

Building on our success we look into the future, developing new technologies, installing the cutting-edge machinery, carrying out R&D, and commercializing the most novel product types. Company’s key competence is development and production of the products based on the novel