Technical Ceramics. Cemented Carbides. Composite Materials


VIRIAL company is committed to constant training and professional advancement of its engineers and management. In 2010 18 company associates took a professional training course for industrial-scale production of competitive products based on nanostructured ceramic and cermet materials, - a customized educational effort developed and implemented at Grebenschikov Institute of Silicate Chemistry of RAS (ISC RAS). VIRIAL human resource (HR) development plans include regular training of company’s associates under various tuition programs administered by RUSNANO.

Only in the year 2011 there were several professional training courses organized for the company personnel:

  • Training module “Promoting the demand for nanotech products”
  • Short-term professional training program:”Establishment of sales system and promotion strategy for innovative products at high-tech market”
  • Short-term professional training program: “Legal support for company management in nanotech industry”
  • Educational program for “Development and implementation of the HR potential for companies implementing innovation projects in various industry sectors”
  • Professional training program: “Branding, advertisement and promotion tools for innovation business”

VIRIAL has close cooperation ties with the leading Saint-Petersburg academia (Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology, St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University) and colleges (Saint-Petersburg technical college for management and commerce, Vocational school № 84). The company is actively searching and recruiting the promising undergraduate students, organizes practical training courses, and offers part-time employment opportunities.

For active business growth the company needs dynamic development of the new processes and introduction of the new and improved products to the markets. These demanding tasks require professionals with specific industry-related background and skills. Currently VIRIAL company faces the problem of deficit of the adequately trained engineers and technicians. 

Following its need for training the young engineers, VIRIAL has recently established cooperation with a number of the leading material science research academia, e.g. Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology, and St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University. Based on the extensive cooperation record, the company is aware of the need for development of the new and unique comprehensive engineer training program that should efficiently combine the expertise and skills of the leading Petersburg academicians with the contributions from the top global experts in this field.

Meanwhile, together with JSC RUSNANO, VIRIAL initiates the development of the new complex educational program for training young engineers in the field of material science and high-temperature nanostructured structural material and product technology. Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology (Technical University) is envisaged as a promising partner capable of developing and coordinating the required educational initiative that shall meet the set goals and secure the contribution of the leading Russian and global experts in material science and technology.