Technical Ceramics. Cemented Carbides. Composite Materials



1. Powder synthesis
2. Powder preparation
3. Pressing
4. Sintering
5. Machining
6. QC, measurement and testing

VIRIAL company implements the complete process chain for the production of parts based on nanostructured ceramic and cermet materials, starting with the synthesis of the initial powder components, and terminating with final quality control of the finished parts.

Process chain could be described as consisting of six stages. Each stage has certain tasks that may be performed by using various machinery optimally suited for production of specific parts. Unique range of state-of-the-art machinery leads to extreme flexibility of production.

In production of ceramic and cemented carbide parts VIRIAL company uses the optimized process chain that includes, besides high-capacity machinery, most up-to-date lab equipment for systematic testing and research. 

Production cycle at VIRIAL company begins with the quality control of the incoming raw materials. Next stage involves synthesis of certain components, e.g. mixtures of WC-based nanopowders, initial premixes for cermet compositions with nanosized components, as well as multicomponent powders. Subsequent stage comprises powder preparation, compacting or forming operations, followed by consolidation or sintering. The company has a vast range of high-tech machinery suited for both small-batch and industrial series production, including automatic presses, cold isostatic and hot isostatic presses, electrical inductive vacuum furnaces and resistance vacuum furnaces, vacuum/sinter-HIP sintering furnaces and hot presses.

Machining is reduced to the necessary minimum, being limited mainly to processing of working or joining surfaces. The quality control of the outgoing products includes microstructure analysis, physical and mechanical characterization, and control of geometry parameters.