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Fine-grained WC-based cemented carbides


The composition of the fine-grained WC-based cemented carbides for rotary cutting tools (RCT) is virtually identical to that of the standard cemented carbides for tribological and wear applications. The RCT grade differs from the standard one by containing small additions of Cr and V carbides that serve as WC grain growth inhibitors.

Fine-grained cemented carbides surpass the conventional grades in hardness, toughness, and bending strength. The fine-grained grades also demonstrate excellent resistance to diffusion wear and buildup of the workpiece material.


Р Structural, low-alloyed steel

М Stainless steel

К Grey, malleable, high-strength cast iron grades

H Hardened steels Refractory,

S Ti-based alloys

N Non-ferrous metals

Physical and mechanical parameters

Chemical analysis, wt% WC-90, Cr3C2/VC-1, Co-9WC-87, Cr3C2/VC-1, Co-12
Microstructure feature size, micron0.6 - 0.80.4 - 0.6
Coercitivity, Oe250350
Transverse rupture strength, MPa≥ 4000
≥ 4300
Rockwell hardness, HRA92.592.5
Vickers’ hardness HV30, GPa16.417.1
Fracture toughness, MPa m½12.0 - 15.012.0 - 15.0