Technical Ceramics. Cemented Carbides. Composite Materials

Metallurgy and mining


Our offer to metallurgy and mining sectors:

  • Nozzles for pressure sandblasting systems, broadly used for surface treatment applications.
  • Lining plates, milling/grinding media and knives with high performance based on unique material parameters: outstanding strength, excellent hardness and Young modulus, high fracture toughness.
  • High-performance submersible nozzles for continuous casting plants, stable against vibration, chemical, and thermal impacts.


We offer various parts based on silicon-infiltrated silicon carbide (SiSiC), sintered silicon carbide (SSiC) and liquid phase – sintered silicon carbide (LP SiC), WC-based and tungsten-free cemented carbides, composites based on zirconia and alumina, e.g.:

  • Nozzles for sandblasting systems
  • Nozzles for abrasive water-jet cutting and water-jet cutting machines
  • Fixtures and tools for forging and punching operations
  • Dies for punching presses
  • Wear-resistant lining plates 
  • Grinding media for mills
  • Parts contacting abrasive media
  • Rolls for cold-rolling mills (reinforcement bar production), OD up to 150 mm.

Zirconia-based products:

  • Dosage nozzles for continuous casting machines