Technical Ceramics. Cemented Carbides. Composite Materials

Special instrumentation and electronics engineering


To instrumentation and electronic device engineering industries VIRIAL offers a range of products based on pyrolytic boron nitride – an outstanding material with unique physical and mechanical properties, e.g. chemical stability, high dielectric parameters, high-temperature transparency for radio frequencies, resistance to metal and alloy melts.


Products for electronics and special instruments:

  • Emission windows for UHF energy (microwave energy)  
  • Dielectric spacers for high-power capacitors for microwave applications  
  • Heat-sink rods for travelling wave tubes (TWT)  
  • Insulators for plasma thrusters for orbital stationkeeping of space vehicles  
  • Czochralski crucibles for synthesis and growth of semiconductor crystals and Bridgeman crucibles for crystal growth  
  • Solid planar diffusion sources (SPS) of boron dopant for diffusion into Si in IC microchip production;
  • Evaporator cells for molecular beam epitaxy systems.  

The above production is currently suspended

Limited range of products are available from stock on request

Production is planned to resume after 2013.