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Graphite AAS tubes


Components are made of dense high-purity graphite coated with a well-aligned pyrolytic carbon (Pyro-C) layer:
MPG-6 – fine-grained graphite characterized by high erosion resistance and strength.
R4550 – fine-grained uniform isostatic graphite for complex-shaped parts with high surface quality.
Graphite AAS tubes with Pyro-C coating feature:

  • High stability and gas impermeability
  • Low detection limit 
  • Broad range of detectable elements 
  • Long life when analyzing aggressive samples 
  • Longer service life as compared to uncoated tubes.  


Graphite components are used in Atomic Absorption Spectrometry devices, e.g.:

  • MGA-915
  • Shimadzu
  • Hitachi
  • Varian 

VIRIAL Ltd. offers graphite AAS tubes and other components with Pyro-C coating for any AAS device brands. Special designs based on customer samples or drawings are also possible.