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Pyrolytic boron nitride products


Pyrolytic boron nitride features a unique combination of physical and mechanical parameters that make it the material of choice for special engineering and electronic applications.

Our products manufactured under patented processing technology offer an optimal combination of properties tailored for specific application and operating conditions.

By using our proprietary process we can produce complex-shaped parts, including axis-symmetrical bodies (bodies of revolution) and plates of various configurations.

The above production is currently suspended

Limited range of products are available from stock on request

Production is planned to resume after 2013


Electronics and special-purpose engineering:

  • Emission windows for UHF energy (microwave energy);
  • Dielectric spacers for high-power capacitors for microwave applications;
  • Heat-sink rods for travelling wave tubes (TWT);
  • Insulators for plasma thrusters for orbital stationkeeping of space vehicles;
  • Czochralski crucibles for synthesis and growth of AIIIBV semiconductor crystals and Bridgman crucibles for crystal growth;
  • Solid planar diffusion source (SPS) of boron dopant for diffusion into Si for IC microchip production;
  • Evaporator cells for molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) systems