Technical Ceramics. Cemented Carbides. Composite Materials

Metal machining


Our company offers cutting tools and related services, including selection of the optimal cutting tool for machining specific materials, and identification of the optimal cutting regimes, based on our extensive machining capabilities. We also offer wear parts for the pressure-assisted sandblasting machines widely used in engineering industries for cleaning/deburring of cast and welded parts, pre-painting surface preparation in shipbuilding industry, and oil/gas pipeline cleaning.


We offer various parts based on cubic boron nitride, Ti-Ta-W-based and WC-based cemented carbides, and silicon nitride – or alumina-based ceramic materials, e.g.:

  • Indexable faceted cutting inserts
  • Mills for Ti alloy machining
  • Performs for mills 

We offer various parts based on silicon-infiltrated silicon carbide (SiSiC), sintered silicon carbide (SSiC) and liquid phase – sintered silicon carbide (LP SiC), WC-based and tungsten-free cemented carbides, e.g.:

  • Nozzles for sandblasting machines 
  • Nozzles for abrasive water-jet cutting and water-jet cutting machines
  • Fixtures and tools for forging and punching operations
  • Dies for punching presses