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Sandblasting nozzles


Sandblasting nozzles are a crucial element for surface-treatment sandblasting systems, designed for forming the pressurized abrasive jet. Sandblasting nozzles have PU casing with aluminum flange and wear insert made of WC-based or tungsten-free cemented carbide, or sintered silicon carbide (SSiC).


  • Marine engineering— pre-painting surface treatment;
  • Engineering — cleaning/deburring of castings and welded parts;
  • Oil and gas pipeline treatment prior to application of protective painting layer.

Nozzle dimension range:
  • Nozzle throat diameter: 6.5 to 12.5 (mm);
  • Inlet diameter: 26 to 32 (mm);
  • Nozzle length: 85 to 205 (mm).

Factors to consider when choosing the optimal sandblasting nozzle:
  • Material (steel, concrete, etc.) and geometry (flat surface or complex pipe or profile structures) of the surface to be treated;
  • Surface quality before treatment (corrosion, scale, existing paint layer, etc.);
  • Abrasive type and grain size;
  • Surface quality or finish after treatment (Sa3, Sa2½, Sa2, etc.)
  • Job complexity (easily reached or difficult-to-access surfaces);
  • Air consumption (m³/h).

Estimated service life of sandblasting nozzles, (hours)
Nozzle materialAbrasive type
Steel shotSilica sandAlumina
Tungsten carbide500 - 800300 - 40020 - 50
Boron carbide1500 - 2500750 - 1500200 - 1000